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Fantastic product! Use them all of the time. I sometimes forget that they are in my ears. Sound is great and convenience of using them across my apple products is amazing! Would highly recommend and doubt you would be disappointed!

Alex T

I searched very long time to buy a Bluetooth earphone and finally I found the product. As compare to the iPhone earphone, I like it’s relatively lower price. After I received the product, I feel more lucky to buy it. It is very simple to use and the battery lasts long time. The most important, it has very high sound quality even compare to those big name brands. Also, the design is very nice and pretty. I like this earphone so much!

Lisa W

The price is great for the quality of the product. I've been using a lot while I work-out and at work. It comes with a micro usb to charge, I was really impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the product. 

Danny R

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